Paniculata Bouquet
  • Paniculata Bouquet

The paniculata or Gypsophila

Commonly called paniculata, we refer to the gypsophila flower in its variety "paniculata" has always been used as a complement in floristry to create vaporous bouquets of wild style and above all as an accompaniment flower next to roses.


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Paniculata, the vintage flower of the moment

That's right, everything comes back and it seems that the gypsophila bursts with force in our decoration. Whether in classic, minimalist or Nordic styles, a bouquet of paniculata and eucalyptus is the ideal complement to create a fresh and elegant atmosphere.

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how to dry your natural paniculata and eucalyptus bouquet?

If what we want is to dry our eucalyptus and paniculata bouquet, we recommend keeping the flowers in water for a couple of days to open all the small flowers of the gypsophila.
Before it starts to wilt, it is advisable to remove the water from the vase and keep it in a dry place, away from humidity so that little by little all the moisture evaporates from the stems and flowers.

After 3-5 days, you can place your gypsophila and eucalyptus bouquet back in the favorite corner of your home and enjoy it for a long time.


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Paniculata Bouquet

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