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Red Glamour

Inspired by the elegance of vertical gardens, our Red Glamour combines good taste and sophistication with an innovative presentation.

Red roses, liliums and greenery (the flower and greenery may vary according to season and availability) in an arrangement grouped at the same vertical height, accompanied by greenery to make it even more original. We accompany it with greens to make it even more original. Do you want it now?

In the purchase process you can add chocolates, stuffed animals, champagne, wine...

Delivery in any town of the Peninsula.

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did you know that...? The first vertical gardens date back to the 7th century BC and were created in the mythical city of Babylon. We were inspired by them for our spectacular Red Glamour

who to give it to? Because of its elongated shape, the rotundity of its forms and colors and the character of the roses, the Red Glamour is ideal for demanding people who are not satisfied with just any detail, as well as those who value exclusivity.

With Florestore everything is possible

We deliver in any town of the Peninsula

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