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Daisy basket

Give a little piece of your heart with a simple and unpretentious gift, full of good vibes and the energy of afternoons of sun, rain, beach, oasis, vacations, mountains, countryside and fun. Daisy Carrycot a basic and functional carrycot with daisies and details (details may vary according to availability)

You can choose size (varies in number of flower)

Normal Size

Large Size

do you want it? We send it to you at home to any town of the Peninsula

*The model of the carrycot and some decorations may vary, as they are handmade products and are changing

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Choose the size:
  • Grande
  • Normal
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did you know that...? Besides symbolizing purity and innocence, daisies symbolize a new beginning. Therefore, ourDaisy Basket arrangement is very suitable to send to someone who is going through changes in their life, such as a move, a change of job, a new responsibility in their company, and even to celebrate a pregnancy, graduation, birthday, divorce, separation, etc

Make it more special: Long live happiness with FloreStore!

You can choose Size (varies in quantity of flower)

Normal Size

Large Size

*The model of the carrycot and some decorations may vary, since they are handmade products and they are changing

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Estoy muy agradecida por el servicio, he podido dar la sorpresa q esperaba. Muchas gracias por la atención tan personalizada. La persona q ha recibido las flores me ha pasado una foto y es precioso el cesto de margaritas. Muchas gracias