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Eternity Rose Preserved

Eternal natural rose, it is a flower that has been lyophilized, that is, all the water and humidity have been extracted from it to keep it looking like a fresh and natural flower for years, therefore it maintains its colors and silhouette continuously without need water or any kind of maintenance.

In the purchase process you can choose color

The set is made up of a natural eternal rose embraced by small green plant buds that enhance its color and housed the entire set in an attractive totally rigid and transparent case where it can be well seen.

Original and exclusive design.

We deliver to any Town on the Peninsula

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Eternity Rosa Preservada is a unique product with advantages, it maintains the characteristics and beauty of roses but without the delicacy and short lifespan of them, being able to keep it unchanged for years in its case with the color and slenderness of the first day, so that the memory of the date it was given will last over time.

In the purchase process you can choose the color of pink that you like best

Exclusive to our online florist and perfect to send to both men and women with your personal congratulatory note attached and surely you will not be disappointed.

For a very competitive price, you can enjoy the ETERNAL Rose and give a nice surprise.

We deliver to any Town on the Peninsula

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