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Baby Baby Bike

Baby Baby Biker Baby

Original gift from Florestore Flower Shops consisting of a nice blanket with mittens on two wheels made with diapers and a funny bib on which is mounted a nice teddy as a biker holding a large freeze-dried natural eternal rose of blue-blue color of about 50 cm, ideal gift for parents who just had a baby and that brings the practicality that you can use all the contents from the first day of the birth of the baby.

We deliver in any town of the Peninsula

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It is designed with high quality fabric and very pleasant for the baby's touch. In this case the color chosen is light blue, traditionally used as a gift for children if you wish.

The set of diapers, blanket, bib, teddy bear and eternal rose is a very funny and highly original gift Florestore, but best of all is that at the same time manages to be practical for the content of the same wrapped in a funny biker teddy bear.

You can buy this original gift and have it for births or baptisms and fascinate the mother and father by the content of the gift and the presentation of the same in the form of a biker teddy bear and motorcycle based on diapers and baby accessories.

It is a practical and original gift especially suitable for occasions when you want to have a detail with the new mom and leave her open-mouthed

We deliver in any town of the Peninsula

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