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Beauty and the Beast Rose

Beauty and the Beast Rose, buy the enchanted rose

If you are looking for where to buy the Beauty and the Beast rose, in florestore we have prepared the preserved rose presented inside a glass dome, a replica of the original Beauty and the Beast rose, which represents the love that nothing and no one will destroy, that love that hides inside our soul just as the rose hides inside this elegant glass dome.

Relive this moment forever with this exclusive presentation of our eternal rose. Also, if you want a more original touch, we offer you the blue eternal rose. Give the enchanted Beauty and the Beast rose as a gift.

For the love of your life, the love of your mother, the love of your father, the love of your sister, the love of your brother, etc. . Ideal for any occasion.

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Buy Beauty and the Beast Rose Online

In florestore we have made a replica of the Beauty and the Beast Rose from the movie, spectacular and at the best price. A premium preserved florist rose in a large glass dome with an excellent finish where we take care of the smallest detail.

The Love Story of Beauty and the Beast

The "Beauty and the Beast" rose is much more than a rose in a glass dome. This is a love story, a completely original and unique gift. It is so and we know it from Disney fairy tales. At its base is placed the rose of eternity, which will retain its appearance for at least two years through the stabilization process (freeze-drying). Surrounded by petals, stabilized moss and all placed with care in a glass dome. It will surely be an unforgettable surprise.

Give The Eternal Rose as a gift

Get a special and magical gift to surprise your partner or show that your love will be eternal as the eternal rose of Beauty and the Beast. An enchanted rose of extra size, which will look splendid in any corner of your home.
We have also prepared in our florist the enchanted rose of the blue beauty and the beast, a unique and original gift. Which one do you like the most?

what are the colors of the Enchanted Rose?

In addition to the already known color of the red rose, we have the enchanted rose in blue. Our blue eternal rose in a crystal dome is completely unique and unusual. The blue rose signifies mystery. An appreciation for the enigmatic and the inexplicable is expressed with blue roses. A tantalizing vision of love, which cannot be pinpointed. A mystery that cannot be fully unraveled, so is the blue rose. We also have availability of Beauty and the Beast rose in black color. The meaning of the black rose is that it symbolizes the impossible or the unattainable.

what does the Beauty and the Beast Rose symbolize?

The main meaning of the Beauty and the Beast Rose is to show your eternal love for the person who will receive it. It also symbolizes that the passage of time will not wither your love, like the eternal rose.

what color is the Beauty and the Beast flower?

Red is the color of the Beauty and the Beast rose. It is the most representative color and conveys a greater symbolism. Although it is possible to find it in other colors such as black, blue or yellow.

how long does a preserved rose last?

Preserved or stabilized roses can last from two to five years, depending on their care. To keep an everlasting rose, we must keep it away from any source of direct heat or air flow, such as fans, air conditioners or air conditioning. In the same way, it is very important to keep the freeze-dried rose always inside the glass dome and away from humidity, since in contact with humidity it can be destroyed.

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Espectacular La Bella y la Bestia NEGRA, la persona a quien se la envié quedó MUY FELIZ y ENCANTADO con el producto.\r\n\r\nExcelente servicio y confiabilidad, compré desde Colombia y todo salió PERFECTO. Muchas Gracias