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Color Daisies Bouquet

Color Daisies Bouquet with Home Delivery

Buy our Color Daisies Bouquet (color may vary according to availability or may be combined colors), a wild floral arrangement in which we have combined beautiful daisies with a careful selection of ornamental greens (which may vary according to availability and season)

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Send home a bouquet full of purity and serenity. If you are going to giving flowers as a giftif you are going to send flowers, make sure it is 100% original and exclusive, like the ones we have for you and for that special person who deserves your love and gratitude.)

*Vase not included

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Give a bouquet of daisies Color

Giving red daisies is a symbol of romanticism and passion, daisies are a classic of simple flowers, accompanied with green (the green may vary depending on season and availability) and at the same time, elegant and tasteful, prepared with all delicacy. If you send home the bouquet of red daisies (the red tone may vary depending on availability and season) Give flowers at home with FloreStore.

You can choose the size of the bouquet

Normal Size

Large Size

*vase not included

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