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Dual Roses & Chocolates

Send the Dual Roses & Chocolates Floral Arrangement

Any day can be the best day to show us proud of who we are and what we are, how we feel and how they feel us. Celebrate love, friendship, company, gratitude, birthdays or just because today is today with our Dual Roses & Chocolates flower arrangement

A duo of natural roses with a unique, exclusive decoration and a special touch from our wonderful florists. It is a floral composition as special as you and those people so dear to you and also with a box of chocolates (the brand may vary according to availability)

The joy of one is the joy of all.

We deliver in any town of the Peninsula

*Some details may vary from the photo

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Floral detail to celebrate any day, because today is today and everyone deserves to be happy, with such a special detail as a fantastic Dual Roses & Chocolates (the brand of chocolates and the tone of the roses may vary according to availability and season)

A unique and special floral arrangement "made in florestore".

*Some details may vary from the photo, as they are handcrafted by our master florists and made exclusively for each individual client.

We deliver in any town of the Peninsula

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