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Preserved Yellow Rose

A yellow rose for eternity. This is our Preserved Yellow Rose, a sparkle of sunshine that will remain unalterable despite the passage of time. Treated with an innovative preservation process, it is the ideal detail to keep forever.

do you want it with special gift decoration? You can add some chocolates, cuddly toy, champagne or any product offered by our Florestore online store

*the decoration can present some changes, according to availability and stock

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did you know that...? Yellow roses symbolize joy and are also a good reference of friendship. If you are going to surprise a good friend with a rose, how about sending him or her our Preserved Yellow Rose? They don't need maintenance and last for years and years just like your friendship.

Make it more special: Send a sweet detail with our chocolates. Conquer with our freeze-dried yellow rose but also with the complements we have selected expressly for your gifts. A sure hit.

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