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Bouquet 6 Roses

Fantastic red roses - These are the roses of the 6 extra roses bouquet, a classic detail of roses that reminds us of the roses of a lifetime, renewed in a new way Permufada Roses Bouquets of all the life, renewed in an elegant and current key. Accompanied by different greens that may vary from the one in the photo (depending on availability and season of the year)

In the purchase process you can add more roses to your bouquet and choose color

The floral products are exclusive and are prepared customized, so there may be variation with respect to the photo, but always the most similar and with wonderful details, leave it in the hands of our master florists and it will be a real fantasy.

If you are looking for the best roses on the market, FloreStore has them for you

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did you know that...? Product excellence requires a commitment to quality at every point in the process. That's why for the 6 extra roses bouquet we use only top quality roses, sourced from sustainable suppliers and respectful of their workers' conditions.

Make it more special: Add to your bouquet of 6 roses a nice message that you can add during the purchase process

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