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Montréal Fashion

Montréal Fashion

If you are looking for the delicacy of a unique floral combination and the originality of an exclusive and unique arrangement, discover Montreal: metal base (model and color of the base may vary) in vintage style with seasonal flowers (flower may vary according to availability and season)

Perfect as a centerpiece for any type of greeting or event

*Some details may vary from the photo, as they are handmade products, with a lot of rotation and are continuously entering our warehouses with new products

We deliver to any town in the Peninsula

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did you know that...? Our Montreal center incorporates a base with wet foam that provides the necessary nutrients to keep the flowers hydrated during the delivery route. You will only need to add half a glass of water every two or three days, so that the flowers maintain their humidity.

Curiosities FloreStore: In color therapy, pink color means tenderness and confidence and white color means purity and sincerity, so we are facing a floral arrangement that produces calm and peace. Give our Montreal center as a gift to create a calm atmosphere, show closeness or decorate a children's room. Choose Original Flower Arrangements. Give the gift of FloreStore.

We make deliveries in any town of the Peninsula

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