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Australia & Panda Eyes "Crystal"

Australia & Panda Eyes "Crystal"
Special floral composition for birthdays, friendship, gratitude, anniversaries, loaded with color and originality to celebrate the birthday of friends and family.
Flowers, base and some details may vary from the photo, as they are handmade products and are continually renewed with new products in our stores.)
Maximum height 50 cm
*Plush toy Not suitable for babies, as it has crystalline eyes. If it is for birth, please indicate it in the order comments and we will change the plush model
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Australia & Panda Eyes "Crystal"

did you know Australia is our inspiration in color A beautiful combination of seasonal flowers (the flower may vary according to availability and season with a base (the base may vary color and model depending on availability) This version includes a soft plush (may vary according to availability, not suitable for baby because of its crystalline eyes, if it is for birth indicate it in the order comments and we change the plush model)

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