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Daisies & Tender Plush

Celebrate life with Margaritas & Tender Plush (the plush model may vary according to availability), a bouquet in the purest wild style with a careful selection of daisies (the color may vary according to availability and season) and beautiful greens (the green may vary according to availability and season) The plush gives the tender touch (The plush may vary but always complying with the characteristics of the product)

You can choose the size of the bouquet in the checkout process

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Make her remember this day forever. We prepare it in a pack for her to receive the best gift and give her the best smile. We will do it with love. Word of FloreStore

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did you know that...? With our tutorial to dry flowers, the recipients will be able to keep the flowers of the Daisies & Tender Plush (the plush may vary according to availability, always with the same size) and make with them pictures or other compositions to give to the baby when he/she grows up.

FloreStore Suggestions: If you want buy Flowers for Nativitieswe have a wide variety in our online store, such as our Daisies & Tender Plush. Ask us without obligation, give flowers, give fantasy, give Love and above all give SMILES

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