Flower arrangements for the deceased

If you need to send natural flowers for the deceased, trust florestore.com to show your condolences with an elegant and formal funeral floral arrangement. We have an urgent delivery service of flower arrangements for deaths in all the morgues of Barcelona with which we deliver your flowers the same day, within 4 hours.

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Florist Florist funeral center, made up of fresh seasonal flowers and made in a rounded or elongated shape, on one or two sides, but always handcrafted by our florists. (color and flowers may vary depending on...
Funeral cushion with 18 roses from Floristerías Floristres prepared in an artisan way by our florists with a stylish shape and for the recognition that those hard moments entail. In the purchase process I was able to...
Funeral rose palm, made up of 20 or 25 fresh roses and seasonal flowers, handcrafted by our florists at Florestore and made in an elongated shape simulating palm fronds, that is, pointed at one or both ends. In the...
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