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Composition Phalaenopsis (Orchid)

If you are a lover of elegance, this is the perfect gift

Imagine a beautiful composition of two phalaenopsis orchids (varied color may vary according to availability) on a base (base may vary according to availability), adorned with colored sisal. Do you like it? This is our Phalaenopsis orchid arrangement, designed to surprise.

Send our Phalaenopsis Composition today. One of our most striking and exclusive arrangements. Choose Compositions with plants. Choose FloreStore.

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did you know that...? Phalaenopsis orchids are so named because of their resemblance to the wings of butterflies in flight. The name was given by the botanist C. L. Blume in 1752, after observing the flight of some species of tropical moths. Giving our Phalaenopsis Composition as a gift is like filling the house with butterflies... and life.

Make it more special: in FloreStore we offer you the possibility to personalize your order, add a special message in the purchase process.

* color and base may vary according to availability

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