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Sweet Easter (Poisenttia)

Buy Christmas Plant with home delivery

Buying a Christmas plant at florestore is as simple as it is exclusive, because our medium-sized poinsettias (euphorbia pulcherrima) are specially prepared on a papal kraft base and Christmas decoration, a Christmas arrangement that cannot be missed in November and December

It evokes tradition, nostalgia and is essential in any Christmas or harmonious decoration.

Our red poinsettia (also called poinsettia) is the perfect Christmas gift that we accompany with a Medium 200 gr box of chocolates

TIP: How to care for the Christmas Plant

We deliver to any Town on the Peninsula

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Poinsettia (Euphorbia) known as 'Flor de Pascua', Christmas plant or Pascuero presented in kraft paper and with decorative motifs

A fantastic and original presence, very decorative for these very special dates (November and December)

Give an original & different Christmas plant from our online florist! We are your Florist and we send enthusiasm and wishes to those people who are so special to you.

We deliver to any Population in Spain

* Some details may vary with respect to the photo, since they are products with a lot of rotation and the latest news is always being renewed.

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